Printing Machines Heidelberg Support

Christian Cassani

Chief Executive

Serena Zaffaroni

Executive Assistant

Guido Pagani

Electronic Heidelberg Machines Specialist

Giuseppe Regina

Electronic Heidelberg Machines Specialist

Ivan Colombi

Mechanical Heidelberg Machines Specialist

Enzo Viva

Mechanical Heidelberg Machines Specialist

Daniele Lombardi

Axis Control and Image Control Technical Specialist

Colorimetry is his specialisation.

Great knowledge of Axis Control and Image Control, the best HD instruments for control of the printing quality.

Instructor and PrePres Interface HD programmer.

INTELLInews: le ultimissime

Image Control


We are glad to announce the New Revision Centre for Image Control just realized in our new headquarters in Mazzo di Rho. The new Centre has been created in cooperation with...

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Intelligent Service and Camporese's “Rottamazione Ricambi” Sales Campaign is ended.


Today ends our “Rottamazione Ricambi” Sales Campaign which began in mid-December 2015.

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Intelligent Service s.r.l.
Camporese Group

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